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Texas Pride Labradors is located in Cleveland, Texas which is about 50 miles north of Houston Texas. We have been breeding and raising dual purpose Labradors by breeding Show Bench (English style) and American lines since 2001. We strive to produce healthy, good-looking Labs which make loyal family pets or hunting companions. We strive to produce quality Labradors with great temperaments, training ability, and sound physical condition. It is our goal to enhance the Labrador retriever breed one litter at a time. We feed Victor Select Super Premium Dog Food with good results noted in both puppies and adult dogs.

At Texas Pride Labradors, our goal is to provide you with the perfect pup to join your family. We have a passion and dedication to the Labrador Retriever breed and strive to produce only the best puppies. Our girls and boys, who are all AKC registered, have been carefully selected for their health, temperament and beauty, and are the heart and soul of our business. We take great pride in the puppies we produce, and strive to make sure each one is happy and healthy.


By the time our puppies are ready for their new homes, they will have had their dew claws removed, 4 series of wormings, vaccinations, and beginning socializations. Micro chipping is included in purchase price.


Our Labs are part of our family. They are each given exercise and "play time" daily, which is imperative to Labrador health. The puppies are well socialized and are hand picked for companionship, retrieving or both, with close evaluation on a daily basis.

We, at Texas Pride Labradors, love our Labs and will make every effort to assist you in choosing the perfect pet for your family. Please remember, a pet of any kind is a lifelong commitment and must be discussed and agreed upon by all members of your household.


Labrador Retrievers are an amazing breed of dog. They love your attention and will gladly return the favor. Labs are retrieving machines, be it fetching a ball with your children or retrieving fowl while you're hunting. We believe at Texas Pride Labradors, that the Labrador is the most versatile dog for families. They are content lying on the couch or being a running companion for daily work-outs. Labs are brilliant with children and never aggressive.


Give the magnificent Labrador a place in your family and you will not be disappointed. Our adult dogs and each new litter are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered.


Contact me if you have any questions and thanks for visiting my website.


~ Lisa Adams


Bonnie on the hunt

Bonnie on the hunt

Me and Cash in the ring

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Lisa Adams

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