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Sugar/Jeter puppy


"My fiance and I adopted Noodle midway through 2020 and he quickly and immediately became our best friend. He's the happiest guy in the world and has such a positive outlook on everything. He hasn't met a person he doesn't love and wants to play with all the dogs he meets. Noodle has taken to training incredibly well and passersby are often caught off guard by how well he listens to our commands at just 5 1/2 months old. He's a pro at sit, down, place, heel, here, and shake. We've also introduced him to Augmentative and Alternative Communication through the use of touch activated buttons that have specific meaning. Noodle has one button right now that when pressed says "outside". He's started using it and we'll be introducing more vocabulary over time so he can begin to let us know what he wants. We can't thank Lisa enough for all the work she did ahead of our adoption date and would recommend her to anyone looking for a new family member."

                      Sandy/Rocky puppy



Hi Lisa,

Here's pics of our Gunner. I can't begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to our lives. He is the funniest, friendliest most loyal dog ever!

My husband had to put down his beloved black lab, Max, shortly after we got Gunner. It was tough, he loved that dog....he had been the greatest dog ever...and then here was this goofy pup....(I don't mean that in a bad way at all) ... but that little pup had some big shoes to fill...and for awhile.... I wasn't too sure.....and then.... it happened....somehow he weaseled his way into my husband's heart and now they are inseparable!!!

We are so happy with our Gunner... thank you!!!

Merry Christmas!
Dee Anderson

ps His first hunting trip was a huge success!!! :)

                                  Sandy/Brody puppy





I just had to tell you how happy I am that I adopted Emmy from you last year. She is now a one year old, 85 lb. beautiful dog with a great personality, very loving and very smart. She has done very well in her training classes at Houston Dog Ranch and is currently in her second course. She's quite receptive to instruction and very social. Emmy has turned out to be a great friend and companion as well. She loves to ride in my truck and travels very well. Thank you so much!

Letty Martinez

                          Morgan/Rocky puppy

I thought you might like an updated picture of our sweet Maggie! She just gets more incredible every day! She's beautiful, smart, and SO easy to train! She plays dead when we "shoot" her with our hand, retrieves the newspaper for my hubby every morning, "speaks" on request, shakes, rings the bell when she wants to go outside, and most of the time I think she understands english! She truly is a vital part of our family and we absolutely couldn't be ANY happier with her!

Thanks again for such an amazing addition to our family!
Amy Weison
Amy Weison Photography
Round Rock, Tx

                Kali/Armani puppy





Here are a few pictures of Sandy taken this morning at my place near Garwood.  She really is a natural hunting dog and a great companion.   I just couldn't be happier with her hunting abilities.  I was unable to have her professionally trained last year but I'm glad I didn't, she trained herself!  She just turned two years old earlier this month.    



                              Sandy/Rocky puppy




I want to start out by saying that our family couldn’t have asked for a better dog, or a better breeder. Our family was distraught by losing our beloved Labrador Ashley, and I immediately got on the internet looking for a reputable breeder in Houston, Texas.

That is where I found Lisa Adams. I called her up one night and started asking questions about the recent litter that she had. She was so kind and informative, and very empathetic to my sadness of the loss of my dog. I told her I wanted a male, and she explained which pick of the litter I would get, and told me that I could come out and look at the puppies at any time.

She was so sweet when we met her in person, and the way that she cared for the mother and puppies was really like a family setting. The puppies were absolutely beautiful, and Sandy, the mother, was very loving towards her puppies. She was never aggressive when we were holding the puppies, and actually loved on us too.

Well Duncan became part of our family in March 2010. His disposition is the best, and his coloring is beautiful. Whenever we take him for a walk, almost every person stops us and says what a beautiful dog he is, and comments on how friendly and well behaved he is too.

I always tell anyone who asks where Duncan came from, or is looking for a Labrador, to call Lisa Adams. Her facility is clean, her puppies are very healthy, and most of all, they are loved on and treated like they are part of the family from the very beginning.


                   Kali/Ford puppy





Mater is doing very well. He actually has his check up this Sat. He has adjusted and is just in love with us here. Our son Anthony and Mater can just play all day outside in the backyard if I allow them too... They will be making great memories together. Already have there hide out under my kitchen table. I have attached some recent photos we have taken within the past two weeks. The photographer loved the photos so much they asked us for permission to display it in there studio. Mater completes our family. Thanks again.


Mercedes Puerto

                                     Kali/Ford puppy




Dear Lisa,

I have been meaning to write to give you an update on Summer Sands Manuel, who became part of our family in April..... No words can express how much she means to us! We brought her home and with the help of the blanket with her mother smell on ( wonderful idea ) she never whimpered or refused to eat. Summer has been easy to train, loves to travel and is very gentle to our miniature Pinchers and with our grandchildren, who adore her and she them. At 8 months she weighs 74lbs and every time the vet sees her he remarks on her looks and development! He even brought in his staff to show what to look for when judging a lab.....

I also wish to add that I was extremely impressed with your kennels, appreciated the tour and getting the opportunity of meeting Summer's mom and dad. We were able to see that although you are running a business, it is obviously a labor of love for you!

Again Lisa, thank you....

Warm regards, Norm & Pam Manuel and Summer!!!!
Singer, La

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